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Belfast DJ Studio Provides Professional DJ LiveStream Access and Production Studio all in one place. Includes High Quality Dj Equipment and Controllers. Everything you need to go Live or make your own Productions.

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Available DJ Software to use
Rekordbox DJ Latest version

Genuine Officially Licenced Rekordbox DJ Software.

Available DJ Software to use
Serato DJ PRO Latest version

Genuine Officially Licenced Serato DJ PRO Software.

Ableton LIVE v.11 / FL Studio v.21 / SERUM
Professional Production Software
All with the Latest version!

Genuine Officially Licenced Software
All Plugin Edition!

Tyler Jack

DJ Instructor & Ableton Live Production Tutor

Aika Mal

DJ Instructor & Tutor


Ableton Live Production Tutor

Leo McClements

FL Studio Production Tutor
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Studio Prices


per hour

Features - Perfect for beginners, without sreaming

  • Up to 2x Dj at same time + 1x Guest
  • Professional Dj Equipment
  • Pro Digital Visual Background
  • * Ultimate Club Life Experience
    (Night time optional)
  • Technical Team on Site
  • Free Soft Drink (*Limited)
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per hour


  • Up to 2x Dj at same time + 2x Guest
  • Professional Dj Equipment
  • Dual 4K Streaming Cameras
  • 65 inch 4K Visual Background
  • Ultimate Club Life Experience
  • Full HD Stream Recording
  • Technical Team on Site
  • Free Soft Drink (*Limited)
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per hour


  • Up to 2x Dj at same time + 2x Guest
  • Professional Dj Equipment
  • Dual 4K Streaming Cameras
  • Digital Visual Background
  • Ultimate Club Life Experience
  • Mixcloud Pro LiveStream *Cut free guaranteed!
  • Optional extra Stream on your own Social Media
  • * Full HD Stream Recording (optional extra)
  • Technical Team on Site
  • Free Soft Drink (*Limited)
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Production Studio

per hour
*min. 2h booking required


  • Professional Production Equipments
  • Up to 3x Producer chair
  • Smart Production Table. Adjust the high from 73cm to 150cm.
  • Behringer U-PHORIA UMC202HD Audiophile 2x2, 24-Bit/192 kHz
    Audio Interface with Midas Mic Preamplifiers
  • Line 6 Sonic Port VX - Mobile Recording Interface
  • M-AUDIO Oxygen 49 Production Keyboard
  • Dual monitor system
    - 1x Super-wide
    - 1x Extra Vertical Monitor for plugins, samples...etc
  • Dedicated Production keyboards
    - 1x for FL Studio
    - 1x for Ableton Live
  • 50inch HDTV
  • 2x2 Pair of Professional KRK Studio Speakers
  • True Stereo Vocal Station
  • MACBOOK PRO with Installed:
    - Latest Edition of Ableton Live 11
    - Latest Edition of FL-STUDIO 21
    - Latest Edition of SERUM
  • OR Bring your own PC:
    Bring your own PC/Laptop and we will connect with a few single connections so you will be able to use the complete system in our studio. *Arrive min 15min before your booked time.
  • Technical Team on Site
  • Limited Free Soft Drink
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Complete Studio Rental

per day
6 / 8 hours


  • NEW! Now Included Soft Drink + Snack BAR
  • Complete 3x Room Studio Access *max 8 hour
  • Access to Live Streaming Room
  • Access to Production Room
  • Access to Chill Room (Social Club)
  • Access to all Equipments
  • 4K Streaming Cameras
  • Pro Digital Visual Background
  • Mixcloud Pro LiveStream + Optional Access to Stream to your own Social Media (Facebook*, Twitter, Twitch...etc)
  • Max 20x PPL
  • Technical Team on Site
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Social Club
Private Event Room

*Covers 3 hours of booking


  • *50% Deposit available at checkout *Full payment required on the day.
  • Book online at anytime
  • The minimum time required before you place a booking is 1 DAY!
    *Please contact us via Facebook message or Call if you require it the same day.
  • + ¬£25 / every started hours after the 3h based booking.
    You can add extra hours during your booking!
    *If available
    *Different price after 11pm!
  • Free Car Park!
  • Club Lights, Laser & Smoke Machine included!
  • Air conditions
  • 65" inch Visual Screen *Vertical Position
  • Complete DJ Booth + Sound System included!
  • BYO Drinks! *Drink with Responsibilities *18+
  • Toilets access
  • SocialClub Event Room available until *11pm!
    *You can extend your event on the day! Until MAX 04:00 AM every day with extra charge. Please Contact us first!
  • Snacks & Soft Drinks available on request (*not included!)
  • Bring your own decorations available!
  • DJ available on request *Please contact us first!
  • Decorations available on request example: Birthday...etc
  • Doorman Security is available on request!
  • Other Studio Rooms not available to use with this booking.
    If you required to use the other studios at the same time, please contact us after you placed your booking and we can give you a discounted price for the other studio rooms.
Book your Private Event TODAY

Please note: Social Club Event Room availability is limited.
We recommend reserving as soon as possible if you know your required date.
We do not guarantee or hold your date without a booking.

Guided steps for DJ LiveStream / STUDIO

Step 1

Prepare Your Music

Select and prepare your own music at home before you come to play your Live Stream Session. If you have no option to prepare and analyze at home, we can do it for you on-site.
*Please contact us before your session.

Step 2

Simply Plug & Play

Bring your own music on a USB or external hard drive. Simply plug and play. Everything is ready to go for your live stream.
Please bring a compatible drive. If your drive is not compatible with our equipment, we can help make it compatible for you.

Step 3

Optional FULL HD Quality Recording

After your session you can download your full HD Stream recording from our server. (Password protected Microsoft One Drive download link will be provided)

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