Social Club Booking System

If you wish to stay after 11 PM, please add the extra time to your booking during the reservation process.

SocialClub Terms & Conditions + Policy

Social Club

  • We have no age limit! (example: We can provide our SocialClub Event room for your kids Birthday Party..etc)
  • All Bring Your Own Events are limited to 18+. ID may be required!
  • Up to 25x people (Please confirm the numbers during your booking.)
  • If your Booking is up to 10x people, then it’s included in the online Booking price.
  • If up to 15x people we add +£45 charge on top of the booking price. (Pay on the day)
  • If up to 20x people we add +£60 charge on top of the booking price. (Pay on the day)
  • If up to 25x people we add +£95 on top of the booking price. (Pay on the day)
  • Please note! If your private event exceeds 20 people and goes past 1 AM, we will add a £50 fee for a licensed doorman. 
    This fee will need to be paid on the day, just before your event.
  • You are NOT able to bring more than 25x people! (Included DJs)
  • Minimum 3h Booking required! *Please see the price table on our website front page at
  • You can extend your booking on the day during your event *if available!
    (If not available You will need to leave the studio after your booked time)
  • Extend prices: (every started hour)
  • Extend price In the studio opening time-frame (10am to 11pm) £25 / hour
  • 11pm to 1am: £35 / hour (available every day)
  • 1am to 4am: £50 / hour (available every day)
  • 4am to 6am: £95 / hour (only available Friday and Saturday)
  • With your SocialClub Private Event Booking, you’re not able to use the other studios!
    If you wish to use our other studios we can make them available for you at an additional charg

Other Policy

  • Studio-made Pictures – Usage Policy: When you use our Studio and we make any pictures (with your permission) we’re able to use them for any of our promotions, future promotions..etc (for example photos, flyers, web galleries…etc)
    If you want to not use your pictures on our social media or any online platform you need to send us a message and we can remove them from our platforms.
    When you use our studio you’re able to make any pictures and short videos. This is available ONLY inside the Studios.
    You are NOT able to take any pictures, videos…etc outside the studio for example our office area.
  • Ensure to use Hand sanitising stations entering/leaving studios.
  • If you require any piece of equipment to be relocated ask a member of staff 
  • Treat all equipment with extra care.
  • DJs / PRODUCERs will be held accountable for any damage caused to equipment when being used.
  • If you are interested in using any of the extra equipment we have in the studios let a member of staff know and they will set up / install it. ( ONLY STAFF CAN ADD/REMOVE ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT) “It’s usually free of charge if available”
  • If using any of the supplied headphones in any studio please return them to designated holders when finished using them.
  • NEVER disconnect any cables/plugins from any equipment in the studios. ( ASK A MEMBER OF STAFF )
  • If you are interested in booking additional slots in advance in any of the studios please speak with a member of staff and they will check the availability and assist you further or you can do it via the online booking form on our website.
  • If you have booked the Live Stream / Practice Studio and are interested in using any of the unique multiple low-powered Laser / LED lighting equipment please speak to a member of staff who will then activate
  • If you require to have any of your own equipment connected in any of the studios please speak to a member of staff to assist.
    (ONLY STAFF ARE PERMITTED TO DISCONNECT/CONNECT ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT) In this case please always send a message to us before you place your booking and arrive 15-30min before your booked session.
    Please note! Without pre-confirmation about your equipment change, we can’t guarantee to swap our equipment for your own one. In this case, you need to use our equipment. 
  • The Belfast DJ studio Team do not provide any classroom sessions on your booking. We are here to assist with any queries regarding any of the equipment or setup though all customers must have basic knowledge of how to use the equipment/programmes.
    If you are interested in any lessons, please book your tutor Private sessions via our Booking System.
  • When using any of the equipment, especially the DJ Controllers please be gentle with them as they are very delicate and expensive. If any damage is caused to any of the equipment the DJ/Producer using at that time will be held responsible.
    If we notice any excessive force being used on any of the DJ controllers/equipment we will decline your booking from continuing.


  • Any Booking cancellation – 80% of the booking cost will be returned.
  • Within 24 hours prior to the booking date/time – 50% of the booking cost will be returned. (*SocialClub is within 48h “2days”)
  • Booking cancellation LESS than 24 hours / *SocialClub is 48h “2days” prior to booking date/time – NO REFUND.
  • Cancellations are only accepted via email to or message to our Facebook page or text message / call to our mobile number (07 500 867 870) Calls accepted only during our opening time!
    Please login with your details and modify or cancel your booked session. You can log in to your customer portal HERE:
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