We are using a Fully Music Licenced MixCloud Pro account to stream the sessions.

Yes, you can share directly from the page to any of your social media platforms.

Yes, You can download from our sever after 24hours. We will provide you with a unique link to enable you to download successfully.

Yes, there Is FREE PARKING available for all customers.

NO, All bookings can only be confirmed once payment is made via our booking system on our website.

Yes, Only if there is availability after your confirmed slot. If so we can then take a payment onsite either by cash or card.

Yes you can pay by cash though you would need to make sure that you have the correct change as we may not have change to provide you with onsite.

Yes, both of our studios have multiple sound proofing panels to maximise the sound quality.

Yes, There are multiple shop outlets including SPAR, Taxi depot, fast food outlets etc.. within walking distance from our studio.

Yes, There is an accessible lift on the premises with wheel chair access.

We do not hold any responsibility for any Music/Tracks played via our Live Stream sessions by any customers. It is the customers responsibility to have any authorisation if needed to broadcast any Music/Tracks via any Live Stream sessions. This includes music quality etc.

No and YES

  • No, because our Live Stream is fully licenced by Mixcloud Pro so no additional licence required whilst streaming.
  • Yes, We are not responsible for any Music/Tracks licence that are played via our Live Stream sessions. This is the responsibility of the customer.

No, Technically there would be no limit in place though music will have to be played at a reasonable safe level eg (Extremely high volume may damage equipment and may cause damage to your hearing)

We need to maintain social distancing so at the moment it is a MAXIMUM OF 4 people per visit ( including DJ/PRODUCER ) eg…1 DJ/PRODUCER + 3 friends or family. 

No, Belfast DJ Studio only caters for DJs and Producers who are either looking to produce music in the production studio of use our Live Stream studio room.

We will make a google shared folder and share with you after your VIDEO Livestream / Recording. We will send the google drive link to your registered email address or via Facebook Message.
You will be able to download your files in the next 7 days. After we delete your files from our drive.


Yes we can do for you and upload to the drive. So on your shared drive will be the Full HD recording plus the mp3 audio it self, so you can upload your set to your other social media like SoundCloud…etc.
Please note we charge £2 after this work.

Yes we can do for you.
Please note we charge £5 after this work.

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