Frequently Asked Questions

You can book online via our Booking System!

Can I book via phone call? 

  • Unfortunately, no! Online booking is required, except if we have any technical difficulties on our website.

Can I go to your studio and book there if I don’t want to use your booking system?

  • Yes, you can come and book in our studio, and you can pay for your booking by cash or card.

Can I just walk in and play? 

  • Please note! Walk-in bookings are not guaranteed!

Our Practice / Pre-Recording / Live Streaming Setup:

  • 1x Pioneer DJ – DJM A9 Mixer
  • 2x Pioneer DJ – CDJ 3000
  • 2x Pioneer DJ – CDJ 2000 NXS2
  • Apple Mac connection if you want to play from Rekordbox / Serato
  • Complete Beatport Music access

For Streaming & Pre-Recording we also provide 2x 4K Camera setup installed:

  • 1x Camera on the front
  • 1x Camera on the side

For Social Media Media Streaming we provide:

  • Pro Metal, Strong Mobile Holder
  • Full HD Audio connection straight from our DJM A9  Mixer
  • Super Wide Angle camera lens attachment for your phone

More questions and answers coming soon...

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